191 Berwick street, Victoria Park

About us

Welcome to Cleanlife Australia

We are Family owned Cleaning company based in Victoria Park, WA. We are here to bring wellbeing to all our clients by keeping their homes and offices neat and clean.

We have been doing this business for more than 4 years now and have served many clients from domestic homes to commercial properties and real estate agents. Their wonderful feedbacks and encouragements has given us the hope and strength to move ahead to run full time business. We are supported by our dedicated customers and their good will. We genuinely care our customer and try hard to meet up to their expectations. Probably that is why we always do a good job.

We would like to welcome you all to join our increasing list of valuable and wonderful client to Family of Cleanlife Australia. We will ensure you live a Clean and healthy life. As staying clean is not a Luxury anymore, it is mandatory in this age


Our Team


We have a small team of highly motivated individuals who are willing to walk extra mile to keep our clients happy and satisfied.

Certification and Recognition

All our crews have been trained and certified by building service contractors association of Australia ltd.

We have successfully completed 100+ Vacate cleanings till date and ensured 100% Bond Refund

We attend to 200+ domestic clients and more than 100+ office cleaning jobs

Our Cleaning Policy

At CleanLife Australia we are committed to developing and maintaining our business so that our services consistently meet our own and our customers’ high expectations by:

i.    Implementing ISO 9001:2008 to assure our clients that we are focussed in meeting their needs.

ii.    Building long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers; understanding, communicating and servicing their needs in an open, honest and positive way.

iii.   NatioThe development, implementation, maintenance and review of our systems to continuously improve performance and quality.nal

iv.   Ensuring availability of resources to improve performance and quality.

v.    Complying with all relevant national legislation and regulations.

vi.  Periodically evaluating our systems and the quality policy refined to achieve a consistently high provision of Quality service that satisfies the customers changing requirements.

vii.  Copies of the quality policy are made available to all members of staff and cleaning crews to ensure everyone abides and follow the processes.

viii. This quality policy is regularly reviewed to ensure its suitability with the changing environment.

CleanLife Australia regards effective communication with all stakeholders as critical to the effectiveness of the quality system. Above all, this organisation is committed throughout its operations to the highest quality service.

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