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High Pressure Cleaning Service

Is your driveway filled with dirt, moss or grease? CleanLife Australia offers high-pressure cleaning across Perth, Joondalup and Rockingham. With several years of experience, we are known for our reliable and quality cleaning services. Our high-pressure cleaners are well-trained and certified. We deliver the highest standard of services at competitive prices. Whether you have a concrete patio or a brick driveway, we can make it spotless with our high-pressure cleaning services. We effectively remove dust, dirt, grime, grease, mould, industrial oils and so on from all kinds of paving. When we are done, your patio and driveway will look good as new. Our method is simple. We use a combination of quality environmentally-friendly detergents and a state-of-the-art high pressure washing machine. This effective process delivers exceptional results every single time.

Hire Professional Pressure Cleaners in Perth

Whether you are considering selling or renting your home, driveway cleaning is a cost-effective way to add to its value and appearance. CleanLife Australia offers high pressure cleaning for driveways and patios. We provide professional and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions for external hard surfaces at competitive rates. We clean thoroughly, from corner to corner, leaving no unclean spots. Our cleaners are equipped to deal with the worst of the worst grime. We usually start by sweeping or vacuuming the entire surface to get rid of any debris. Next, we spray the surface with eco-friendly cleaning detergents. Lastly, we rinse it with a high-pressure water jet and dry it. For a free, no-obligation quote contact us today!

Following are the check list included in our Professional High Pressure cleaning:

Thorough vacuuming sweeping or vacuuming of the surface

Spaying eco-friendly cleaning detergent

Washing with high pressure water jet

Rinsing the surface

Drying it

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