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Window Cleaning Services

Dirty windows not only look shabby, but also obstruct natural light. If you have grimey or hard-to-reach windows, CleanLife Australia is just the expert you need. We are the leading window cleaning service with several years of industry experience. To stay ahead of the competition, we use innovative tools and equipment. All our staff are highly skilled and trained to meet the safety standards. We provide efficient, fast and safe domestic window cleaning in Perth. We offer both internal and external window cleaning services. Whether you need only exterior window cleaning or cleaning for selected windows, we can tailor our services accordingly. We can also clean your glass balconies, fly screens, and more. We use environmentally-friendly products to ensure a streak-free finish. Our exceptional window cleaning services are available at economical prices. Whether you need quarterly window cleaning or one-time cleaning, our services are flexible.

Window Cleaning Expert in Perth

Whether you are expecting important guests or selling your home, CleanLife Australia is a reliable professional for residential window cleaning in Perth. Our window cleaners are skilled to thoroughly clean all kinds of windows. We are experts in cleaning hard-to-reach windows, such as attics, sloping glass atrium ceilings, skylights and stairwells. If you haven’t cleaned your windows in a while, we specialize in removing any kinds of stains and splatters. Once we’re done, your windows will be crystal clear and gleaming.
Our process We start by removing any cobwebs and dust from frames and surrounding areas. Next, we continue by thoroughly wiping down the window panes. We clean the tracks and scrape off any paint splatters or stickers. With our professional techniques and quality products, we provide streak-free finish every single time. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Following are the check list included in our Professional Window cleaning:

Remove cobwebs and dust from frames and surrounding areas

Clean and wipe window frames inside and out thoroughly

Clean window tracks thoroughly.

Scrap off paints and other sticky materials off the glass

Clean stickers etc. off the glass

Wash the glass professionally inside and outside



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